Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Krap post for the new year

Hi! Sawadee krap (krap being the masculine ending for many words in thai apparently)

Oh god, the pressure of the blank pixel has never seemed so real nor so alive! I'm sitting here in an internet cafe in Bangkok with paid-for minutes ticking away idly and I get to thinking: why are Thai shopping centres so bad at signage? Is it because the Thais were never colonised by a more geography-conscious European power or is the reason more sinister? Are the Thais in fact all vampires who navigate from dairy to toiletry aisles by smell alone with no need of direction-giving placards? Could that be the reason I wake in the morning pale and wan or is it just how I went to bed the previous night...? (I swear I'm getting browner, I swear).

No, I got to thinking: blog quiet. blog post end blog quiet. kill blog quiet good. hammer keyboard til black writing-sounds show on bright square. appease almighty web god. spare first-born in spring etc.

So this is the result. A cheap and tasty blog post that will leave you wanting more when I return in mid-January.

Oh, god is that the time? I have two minutes left! Must dash! Pad thai doesn't fellate itself...

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hazelblackberry said...

"Pad thai doesn't fellate itself..." No, but I'd love to see it try.