Sunday, April 5, 2009


People sometimes say to me: Nick (because that is my name), Nick, you lead an incredibly interesting life. Show us just how interesting by favouring us with a few sprinkled anecdotes replete with international intrigue.

Very well.

Today at KidCity I was playing with the giant bouncy core balls with Daughter-H, popping them into a large hole, rolling them around, chasing them across the floor etc. Finally I threw the large sky-blue ball very hard at said large hole. It hit the edge and bounced back smacking myself fully in the face. Three sub-genres of comedy were invented on the spot.

Then I went back to drink the world's worst muggacino (tm, patent pending), only I inhaled all the chocolate sprinkles on the top, causing me to cough violently and spit a mouthful of cappucino froth on the back and arse of a nearby mother tending to her children.

When I realised she didn't notice, I realised it was quite funny.

Then we went home.

Good night.

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Ampersand Duck said...

Man, you do lead an incredibly interesting life.

My man, BB, once ate a German sausagey thing in a bun (still haven't recouped my braincells) at the farmers markets and as he bit into it, a huge spurt of hot white liquid fat spurted out and hit someone nearby on the back of the neck. They didn't notice, but their friends did, and glared at him, so he thought it was best to pretend it never happened and keep eating. He came home completely bouyant and slightly embarrassed at getting away with it. He swears it was hilarious with icky sexual undertones -- another subgenre in the making, except it sounds very Kenny Everett, so therefore comedy retro-genre.