Sunday, November 30, 2008

Self e-steme

Because this is a new blog and I’m not yet down with the cool kids and their cool memes dispensed like raspberry life-savers behind the bike sheds at lunch time, I have to invent my own meme. A meme that starts here and probably ends here. A static meme or a ‘steme’ as I like to call it.

Because this is a literary blog (so we’re keeping up the pretense one more day? –ed. Yes –not ed), this is a literary steme.

Literary steme

So you like books, huh?


And, like, words and stuff?


Stupid question really cos books are full of words, aren’t they?


Along with pages and glue and stuff like that.


Is it true that book-binding glue is made from horses’ hooves? I read that somewhere.

I don’t know, sorry. Maybe once but I doubt it today.

Maybe I read it in a book. Ironic, huh?
I guess so.

Are books still important in today’s digital age?

I guess I should ask some kind of follow up question like: ‘why?’

Yeah, 'why' is usually used in memes like this to round out an answer and prevent silly one-word answers.





OK, moving right along. What’s your favourite page number and why?

Page 39 because of an inside joke from a novel I once enjoyed.

Yeah, that is better. Fuller, richer, longer. Like a giant-size violet crumble.


What was the name of your first English teacher and why?

Mr Bach, because that was his father’s name. Last name I mean. Mother’s too probably.

So you want to write books, do you? And why?

Yes, because I like writing and it would be nice to do it full time.

I once saw a TV show where someone asked ‘why’ of a computer and it span that question around in its electronic head unable to find an answer until it blew-up. Amazing, huh? Do you think that could happen in real life?



The past participle of spin is ‘spun’ not ‘span’.

What? Oh, that’s a word thing, is it? You writers crack me up.


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Tim said...

You forgot to tag yourself, surely vital to the ongoing stasis of the steme.