Friday, February 13, 2009

The day we called it a day

On the plane down to Sydney, the young woman next to me was writing out a long Valentine's Day message. It began: 'Dear Mum...'. Has it come to this? Are we now expected to write Valentine's Day cards to our parents?

"Dear Dad, I know we share a lot in the way of genetic material and that neither of us are gay but you're really becoming distinguished as you get older (those greying temples, mmm!) If I were an older gay man, I would totally go for you. Love, your son."

Should we move on to other festive occasions?

"Dear Mum and Dad. I know we all share republican tendencies but can we just take a moment to wish the Queen 'Happy Birthday'? Yours with affection etc"

I wonder what gift my sister will get me to celebrate Armistice Day!

1 comment:

Not Drowning Mother said...

Dear Nick Crumbedprawn,

You left a comment on my blog once and yet, I notice you have been impertinent enough not to send me a Valentine's Day card this year. After everything we've shared, after everything that we've gone through together!

Yours, most offendedly

The Not Drowning Mother.